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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Youth Education Initiative



Project Type: 


Job opportunities in the national transportation industry are increasing, but the pool of qualified applicants is not. At Metro, more than 28% of the current workforce—over 3,000 employees–are eligible for retirement, and 46% will be eligible for retirement within the next five years. Metro hired causeIMPACTS to evaluate the feasibility of providing a countywide educational and career-training program that targets middle and high school aged youth with an emphasis on at-risk youth. The goal was to expose, educate, and employ a younger workforce to prepare them for the jobs that these looming retirements will create while also giving back to the Los Angeles County Community.


CauseIMPACTS developed the E3 Initiative that provides various ways to Expose, Educate, and Employ (E3) the Next Generation into the Transportation Industry by teaching them transferrable STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) industry skills. CauseIMPACTS conducted a study for Metro to assess the feasibility of developing an innovative Transportation School that trains young people about the upward mobility careers in the industry. Then, causeIMPACTS developed various educational programs that Metro can use to expose youth to the transportation industry, educate youth about transferrable industry skills, and ultimately employ youth into upward mobility industry jobs. These programs were developed across sectors with representatives including K-12 education partners, private companies, public agencies, and college partners.  Finally, causeIMPACTS conducted an assessment of existing entry level jobs at the agency and recommended methods to increase opportunities for youth including non-traditional apprenticeships.

Key Services Provided:

  • Program Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Workforce Development

  • Apprenticeship Strategies

  • Strategic Planning and Group Facilitation,

  • Policy Analysis

“The E3 Initiative will dramatically accelerate educational achievement and upward mobility of at-risk students while also meeting the needs of the transportation industry and Metro’s workforce needs. We want to create the workforce of tomorrow through this innovative education-industry partnership”
— Phil Washington, Metro CEO